We Update Store And Added More Product

Write By: admin Created Date: 2015-05-11 Hits: 1852

Hello, Today, We update our store, new style, added some product, remove old product!

What product remove?

  • Golden Exchange Script
  • HYIP Monitor Gold
  • HYIP Lister 2011
  • Premium HYIP Lister 2013
  • OroHYIP
  • Probiz Script and Template
Why we delete products?

  1. Script is old, have not more function
  2. We update more product best for solution
New Product:

  1. Xrevenuepro Script
  2. Auto Exchanger Script
  3. HYIP Lister Pro 2015 (Update)
and we will update more template on next time!

ShopHYIP Team!